Monday, August 3, 2009

MEN Play with Balls 1

" You gotta have two things to win. You gotta have brains and you gotta have balls. Now, you got too much of one and not enough of the other. "
- Eddie felson (Paul Newman) The color of money

Billiards is not only a game of skill but that of deception. Yes, I said it, deception. Men utilize the billiard table and hall for many different things. The billiard hall is a simple open space in which multiple people, male and female, go to and practice hitting balls with sticks in hopes to become a man. Many a night are spent smoking cigarettes and drinking beer in hopes to find the skills to handle the billiard cue.
Now that you have spent thousands in quarters you have hopefully found yourself in a position to be awesome and show off those manly skills. You can masse, bank, combo and use English better then Shakespeare.

You find yourself now in the company of "someone, someone’s father, someone’s boss, etc." You know what to do.

You bluff!

Yes remember that deception we were talking about. You are not on the home table and you are a man. Your job is not to destroy your competition, your goal is to be cunning. Learn your opponent and use what you have learned to then be the better man. Realize that this may require you to play multiple games over the course of your life to gain respect and perhaps even a grant or job. Once you have come to the realization that you now know your competition you can then destroy them on better terms. Many deals are won and lost over such manly games as pool(golf, poker, etc).

Be a man who knows how to make the best of his surroundings.

Don’t be a shark be a sneaky pool playing MAN.

-Man 1

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