Thursday, August 6, 2009

“The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Many a man have made it their life’s work trying to dissect the inner workings of the female mind…to no avail. There is no single greater puzzle to man than woman. As a man, figuring out how puzzles work is an innate behavior. It’s why men instantly look under the hood of a car; why boys always take things that break apart without having any knowledge of its inner workings; why they NEED never stop and ask for directions. Something in the D.N.A. code of man makes him want to understand and be in control of everything he comes into contact with.

Dating is basically like playing minesweeper on difficult. The first date gives the man a sense of accomplishment, like the first time he figured out how to make the perfect paper airplane. As the dates progress, the man gets more and more confident and more of the game field becomes clearer until eventually…boom! Wrong click, mine explodes, game over.
You sit and sulk and try to figure out where you should/could’ve safely clicked. Eventually you click the little smiley face, click on a new broad er...
I mean board and start a new game. The similarities are uncanny.

'Woman' is the only puzzle man is sure to never figure out. Advances may be made and ground may be gained but the end result of finally understanding what women really want/mean/need will never really be realized. For now man will have to make do with being able to bed these strange and dangerous broads in order to further our research. Here’s to the hunt! Hazaa!!!

-Man 4

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