Wednesday, August 5, 2009


“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
-Berthold Auerbach

When a Man gets in the car on the way home from a long day of work what is the best part of his day? He knows full well that the world and grand adventures await him but what sets him in the mood? The answer is Highway to the Danger Zone on his ipod. Music has the ability to instantly satiate any of man’s fears hopes or ambitions. Music kicks ass. Every Man jumps in the car and mentally says “I’m ready to live” . This can be the powerful riffs of Kenny Loggins and the images of a fighter plane going Mach 3 dipping dangerously below the "hard deck" for the final score. Some Men will prefer to put on the melodic tones and beats of Snoop Dogg who reminds us that G’s are in fact up and ho’s are in fact down. And sometimes you just want to hear the musical tones of Edward Van Halen shredding the guitar pick in his hands like he was 12 years old and first learned to masturbate. Whatever Music you want you can have. This is why Men love Music. No matter how loud the kids are going to be when you get home, Warren G is there to remind you that when you get home “regulate” and “mount up.”

( from flickr - Vinícius Camargo's )
I am a Man and when I get to the office I need my music. I need the Stone Temple Pilots to tell me the days of the week and sometimes even the musings of Milli Vanilli to tell me to blame it on the rain. Yea I said it. But that is the beauty of being a Man. Men love and cherish music for its ability to display the raw emotion you feel inside of your body. If you just got dumped by your girlfriend throw on some Prodigy on your way to the driving range for a shake and a bucket. Use the time in your car with your Music to clean your soul. There is plenty of dust that our lives throw at us so make sure that Jay Z is there to get the dirt off your shoulders.

-Man 2

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