Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MAN Down...

Today we are 1 less man on this planet. Now we know that people come and go all the time but there remains a special place for a man who can rip the still beating heart out of someone...

A man who can live life to the extremes and rock a sweet hairstyle that inspires men to be awesome...

A young man who can band with his brothers to defend against a common enemy...

Most of all a man who can dance like no other...

RIP Mr. Swayze

From the Man'ly Crew

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Boys to MEN

A disgusted, "That is so gross...why would you do that?", came out of her mouth. My manly response was to sniff it again and put my head back in!

Yes, you have been there before...
mowing the lawn,
moving your friends furniture,
in the ballpark,
on the diamond.
Sweating to death, your brow is a full sponge barely able to hold in the sweat. You take off your hat and smell the rim/headband. You don't even notice you did it. Then you put it back on your head.

It is Manly.

Look around next time you are in the park or watch a ball game. Heck, even little league kids do it. We did it in football with our chin straps. (This was the best worst smell ever!)

Boys do it and men do it. So next time you are out and see someone doing this just tell them that you know they are a Manly Sonofabitch! It will make both of your days brighter.
It's one of the great perks of being a MAN.

-Man 1

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Welcome to Monday off!
Yes if you work in the America's you should not be working today.
It is the first Monday of September every year. Things that it represents:

1 Start of labor disputes in Canada 1870s, in NYC 1882(we still have them with our boss today!)
2 The end of the summer season and its parties - don't be depressed...
3 The start of the NFL season
4 The start of the fall season and it's parties(oh there are many parties)

5 The start of great hunting and fishing for sportsMEN
6 The change in weather for most of the states - less or more yardwork(again, deal with it you are a MAN and it will set you free)
7 That much closer to the Ultimate Costume Party
See Oct 31(it is a Saturday this year), Fantasy Fest, et cetera.

I am going to the gym, store, light a charcoal fire, smoke meats, light a bonfire, have a beer, enjoy the weather, life and friends...give Man Ly a headstart today(taking the day off) live it up!
Enjoy your Labor Day!
See you soon.