Friday, August 7, 2009

In Heaven There Is No Beer

"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut."
- Ernest Hemingway

So our title today is a sombering thought. On a serious note though beer really is a great product and invention of man. Beer is business and men love business. Bass holds the oldest trademark with their symbol and bottle caps invented in Baltimore. What you need to know is that you and your mates are succeptible to a very contagious side effect of beer.

Beer Muscles! Yes, we are not talking about the post workout strain that goes away with beer, but the inflation of the facia and muscle tissue around the entire body from beer. Most men carry themselves as respecable gentlemen. Let it be known that the old adage stands true: the third drink comsumes you.

Beer muscles are a double edged sword.
Side one:
Man 1 and Man 2 are at the local pub sucking back on some beers. Darts and Pool become a regular event that evening. Man 2 is playing pool against Jack, a meat head, who cannot handle his Jack and Coke. Jack's self induced display of roid rage at the end of a lost game causes him to attempt a fight with Man 2. Man 1 immediatley does the right thing and defends his drinking buddy. Man 1 displays his beer muscles and flexes most importantly his mouth muscles and ends the turmoil. Man 1 can brag about being awesome.

Side two:
Same story but Man 1 flexes his super beer punch on Jack. Jack has lost all feeling due to Jack(JD Whiskey) and takes a hit from Man 1. Jack who has actual muscles, from a job that does not include blogging or writing or utilizing brain cells, gives a left hook and knocks Man 1 out. Jack can brag about being awesome.

See the end result is the same for 2 different people.
All I am getting at is that it is Friday and you have a weekend coming up.
Do the right thing and know how to use those beer muscles.

-Man 1

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