Sunday, August 29, 2010

I have something to share...

Dear My Job,
I quit. Let's get to the point. We haven't been seeing eye to eye lately and I don't want to be cliche but it's not you it's me.
We have argued more then a healthy amount lately and I have figured out where that came from. On my interview (our "First Date") I sort of lied a little, well embeloshed the truth a bit. I really am that good at what I do in life just not that good at pleasing you. So with a heavy heart and head I am ending this earlier rather then later. Delaying the process will costing you more time, aggrevation and money. I mean look around here I see redundency. So I will say what I have to say and you take it or leave it. Look around at your life Job. You have a lot holding you back and wasting your time and expenses it's not helping me much. I could do better elsewhere and I plan on it. I have grown a little here and I am a better man for it. I never once cheated and I didn't even talk to "prospective clients" while we were together. I just am over this and want you to know that everyman gets this way from time to time. So I will proudly say that I am done early and I don't care if you are satisfied because, again, it's me not you.
a man

Sunday, July 25, 2010

So I am a slacker...

The next few blogs have been written already in my mind and I apologize for the delay.

But today we saw Man Ly's hideout.

Check out guest blogger on Yahoo! 56 treehugger for more details.

Actually that hideour is in Sweden not the US - but that man gets around!

What seeing that treehouse reminds me of is being a kid...When you are a child and you wanted to get away and have privacy what did you do. You started a boys only club and where can you do that? Well at the treehouse. I mean you learn much of your life skills this way.

Think... When did you first hit a hammer and nail into wood?

Maybe building a ramp - but likely when did you really learn to bond with friends and dear old dad in the process. He taught you how to cut wood and assemble a tiny home in the trees or at least in that Oak at the edge of the property. You learned about secret passcodes and keeping girls away from your friendships! Yeah, you forgot that one along the way...

Well I hope that your summer tree house is stocked full of beer and friends.

Enjoy being manly.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thanks Papa 'Big Dick' Nixon!

Why the hell is this blog titled 'thanks Papa 'Big Dick' Nixon?'
Well, in 1978 Richard Nixon made it law that the 3rd Sunday in June would be Father's Day.

Technically this is the 100th anniversary of a holiday started by Sonora Smart Dodd who was raised by a single parent(father) and had local churches start the observance.

So in an effort to slight mothers all over the world you, a manly man(with child) actually have earned a day. It's not often that you are entitled an entire day to do whatever you want. Actually if you have kids and they live at home you likely won't get to sleep in, you will get a below average tasting breakfast and you will lie to yourself that it tastes good since it was made with love! Now I am not being cynical but this strikes a great opportunity for you to suggest a great gift to change the next breakfasts you will eat.

Head over to for
THE BACON OF THE MONTH CLUB ($180-320)- this isn't your 'O-S-C-A-R...' bacon. This is gourmet stuff. The things dreams are made of. Picture your tongue as a cloud and the bacon as a rainbow. If that made no sense then you need to taste this stuff... If you are cheap get a few $8-15 packets sent.

What should be the next course in the life of dad on this great day???

Yep time to hit the showers and get ready for a day of awesomeness. What better way to tell your father you love him or let him learn something from you then to send him a shave kit. has $75 kits available. Trust us here at We've tested shaving the old fashioned way and nothing is better than some real hair brushing with oils and soapy lather then shaving that 5 o'clock off that jowl.

If you are a mother or looking to make a father's day get this little item on make your man smile.

If you missed that last gift - or - you are a kid looking for your father, SORRY. Your parents only do it missionary and only did it 9 months before you were born.
So your father is now looking for a workout this fine Father's Day Sunday. is a great way to fight the fat. If this is too much for his ticker then maybe head to and get him a set.

Now lets get to more food. Dad loves few things in life. Who doesn't like chicken? click on to get the best in the states. Check on their recipes and possibly make the meal for your father.

Let dad go out with his friends to use that new golf club you picked up at

When he comes back he can enjoy the snacks and drinks from his Beer Gift Basket at

Lastly, let dad get the rest he so wants, honestly that is all he wanted all day. It's time for his nightcap. He loves his drinks so go over to and get him whiskey stones.
They chill your drink and don't water down that alcohol...

So what have we learned.
We love dads. We love their stories. We love the way they drive our mother's nuts. We love that they pretend to like crappy gifts. So in my search for a gift for my father I feel I have delivered treasures to you.
I have determined that the average man likes sports, food, drink, sex and being awesome.
You can avoid a crappy gift and make this day special by having a heart to heart with you father and giving him something that he will actually appreciate.
Much Love,
MAN LYs Crew

Friday, June 11, 2010

Let the Manly Games Begin...

So if you have been living under a stone or are a 'Yankees only' kinda fan(you know who you are) then you haven't paid any attention to the world around you. At this very moment Man Ly is off slaying and partying in South Africa.
Yes the world's eyes are set on the game of soccer. You should be locked to ESPN and ABC for the next month.

For those that don't like soccer this is a chance to drink the world's beers; meet an international friend at a bar or on Skype; and join the rest of the world and stop being selfish.
The bottom line is that you should watch it!
You should try to understand why the rest of the men(and women) in the world are fixated on the game. It's known as the beautiful game for a reason.

The pitch is green and has a hint of sweet water eminating off of it, and one player makes a timely slide tackle to steal the ball and pass onward to victory. OK well it may not look like much on paper - but tune in tommorow on ABC; ABC-HD at 1:30pm for an hour of pre-game.



I don't care who you are; where you are; what your lifestyle is...this match is to be one of the best matches in World Cup history and certainly this year's play. In your life you may never get to see a game where one country will get to shame the other off the pitch with the end result. The loser will be buried back 50 years in soccer history if they lose this one.

If you are looking for Manly Guides street team we will be at Madison Square Park eating BBQ at the Big Apple BBQ Festival from 11-230 then at Stout NYC drinking and watching our colors run all over the Brits.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Grill and Chill and Memorial Dayish

no history lesson - wiki it yourself for today as we are grilling and chilling but noteworthy is...

the "national moment of remembrance." This moment takes place at 3 p.m. local time on Memorial Day and lasts one minute. According to, "the Moment does not replace traditional Memorial Day events; rather it is an act of national unity in which all Americans, alone or with family and friends, honor those who died for our freedom. It will help to reclaim Memorial Day as the sacred and noble holiday it was meant to be. In this shared remembrance, we connect as Americans."

Now that you've said thanks for your day off or Freedom(if you're bitching about working today), it's time to grill and chill. If you are not familiar with the term it is the predecessor to 'chillaxing'- which we will get to in the book.
MAN in his everlong quest for awesomeness invented fire. He hunted and killed beasts of burden. He then decided that it would be awesomer to take that beast and throw it into his fire. It worked and MAN invented the grill!

Grilling is the oldest and best form of cooking. It brings people, families and crowds together.(see Big Apple BBQ Festival) Some have near-perfected the art like, high school drop-out, Bobby Flay. Some cannot even light a grill properly, identify hot spots, learn about smoking, seasoning, etc.

Now I don't want to get into preaching how well I can cook and teach you the how to's of cooking like a man today. At this point you are at the official start to the summer season and you should already know how to entertain and grill. However, you like most, don't properly clean your grill. It rots and rusts and you replace parts often or entire grills.

You need to clean your grill.

check out for another great blog.(and we took this pic from them..thanks)

I have located some of the top blogs, sites, videos on cleaning your old friend.
Here is a quicky but I recommend you spend 5 minutes checking out these other sites.

If you are strapped for time
1 just put the grill on low for a few minutes
2 scrape the graes with crumpled aluminum foil
3 then, rub the grates with an oil soaked rag
4 grill
5 chill

If you are a MAN and planned out your date with your grill you've purchased:
A grill block
A brass wire brush
A long tube cleaner
Non Toxic oven cleaner
Steel wool
Rust converter
High Temperature Enamel
Large Garbage Bag

*Disconnect Gas*

1 Take the guts of your grill out
2 Use steel wool to clean your cover of chipped paint (note that caked on oil may need cooking off.
3 Paint your grill
4 Take your grates(caked on parts) and put them in the large bag with Ammonia and set out in the sun closed - or - use the oven cleaner as directed on the grill parts
5 Clean out your gas lines with the tube cleaners
6 Take off your knobs and lubricate with WD-40
7 Use a block to get rust chipps off the elements
8 Use the brass wire brush on your elements
9 Spray on the rust converter.
10 Later that day open the bag and spray off the grates
11 Reassemble
12 Turn on gas
13 Grill
14 Chill

Enter to win a free grill and a great resource.

-Man 1

Monday, May 17, 2010

Love and Respect

So we are not about to break into the anals of love. Yes, I said's funny. But our blog tonight is about the love and respect a MAN has for another man.
"Love and Respect" is what Ozzy Osbourne has for Ronnie James Dio(RIP today).
Those are the words that came out of the mans mouth when asked about the passing of the late singer of Black Sabbath.
Even the darkest of dark has love and respect for his fellow man.
MEN do have a soft spot. It's between the rock and a hard place and the Aortic Valve. It's quite small and if you ask a vascular surgeon they can point it out!
What happens over time is that the hardening of the arteries gets a weak spot every time a good hunting dog dies, or a tobacco barn is raised, or a Victoria's Secret Catalog is thrown out.
As life goes on man does develop these things called emotions.
We will go more in detail in future writings but know this,
We are SAD today and it is due a MAN down.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Awesome things...

So beef jerky is pretty awesome. I don't know if you knew that but we wanted you to know it.

Let's start with the nutrition meat heads!

Serving Size 1oz.(beef, the most popular)
Calories 80
Fat 1g
Cholesterol 30mg
Protein 17g
Carbs 0-3g
Sodium <600mg

Basically it's a healthy snack. With the exception of the salt used in processing
it's one of the best around.

History is boring but you should know this if you are any type of MAN.

Wikipedia says,"The word "jerky" comes from the Quechua term charqui, which means to burn (meat). Jerked meat was one of the first human-made products and was a crucially important food preservation technique for survival" so you know it's true!

An early variation is pemmican, which is a concentrated mixture of fat and protein used as a nutritious food by American Indians.

An Awesome blog about Jerky

Next is flavor.
It's meat flavored.
Different flavors are pretty much out each day and you can use any kind you like when making it. YES I said making it. Your a man right? Maybe a woMAN; but still you should really try making this stuff. It's eady and delicious.

Simple Beef Jerky from


•5 lbs. beef (or any meat type)
•5 beef bouillon cubes
•1/4 c. Worcestershire sauce
•1 Tb. black pepper
•1 1/2 c. spring water
•curing salt

1.Slice meat into strips of about 1/4″ or 1/8″ thick.
2.Rub in salt and curing salt and let cure for anywhere from an hour to an entire day, it’s your preference.
3.After your meat has cured mix in the rest of the ingredients. Try to get as close to spring water as you can to make this jerky as close to it’s authenticity as possible. Let meat marinate in the fridge for as long as you’d like, the longer the better.
4.If you’re dehydrating your meat in the oven, foil cover a baking sheet or cake pan, lay out your strips without touching and pop them in the oven. Set your oven on the lowest temp. and let meat dehydrate anywhere from 4-12 hours, it’s your preference, just check it periodically and keep the door open for ventilation. If you are using a dehydrator, set it to the lowest temp. and lay out your meat on the racks without touching and dehydrate anywhere from 8-16 hours, once again, to your preference. Enjoy!

OK weekend is leaving have at it.

Man 1

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wow I almost forgot my MANners

Yes my friends I have forgotten to communicate with you all. We have been putting in the MAN hours to make your life better. We have been studying ROCKY IV and have determined that the best way to train for any event in life you need to go to the woods grow a beard and leave behind everything you know.

Well it worked.

The staff here still has been working on the book; all have started new jobs; one
man is still on the search in the world for Man Ly and his elusiveness; another man is in the process of getting married; and a team is going to ride the New York 5-boro bike tour for tapeworm awareness!

We have established a street team.

We learned more about: shaving, warriors, beef jerky, excercise, travel, watches, flying, movies, building things, training animals and drinking.

We are ready for the season of getting back to work to bring you Man Ly and all of his glory.