Friday, August 14, 2009

MEN ain't afraid of no ghosts!

“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.”
- Sven Goran Eriksson

Fact: The first ’successful’ head transplant was carried out in 1963 by Robert J. White of Cleveland, Ohio, who attached the head of one monkey to the body of another. The monkey survived for several days, during which it tried to bite the experimenters.

How, you may ask, is this possible? How did this 'mad scientist' accomplish this feat? How many monkeys did he kill in the process? How did he know how to do this or that it would ever be successful. The answer to that is simple. Men are FEARLESS. Fear is not in a man's vocabulary (along with other words like tampon and abstinence). When real men are confronted with a situation that would strike fear into the hearts of others, they overcome. They look that fear in the face, spit on the f, throw it to the ground and stomp on it with their unlaced size 12 Timberland boots.

Men don't 'practice' expecting to fail, Men go into every task expecting a win. The real men of this world never doubt their actions, they have this little thing called confidence. So much so that it pours from their veins. Do you think that Johnny Depp can play any character put in front of him because he doubts his acting abilities? Or that Tony Hawk can do crazy ass back flips 50 feet in the air on a piece of wood with wheels because he thinks he is going to fall and break his face open? How about the world renowned financial guru Warren Buffet? Do you think he invested his way into more than $36 billion by doubting his abilities to pick a great stock? Or that Hugh Heffner, a wealthy wrinkly old man can have 3 beautiful girlfriends and many other 'side bunnies' because he is afraid his penis is too small to stimulate their infamous 'g spot?' The answer to all of these absurd questions is an outstanding NO.

Real Men see opportunity in everything, they do not doubt their abilities for anything. The secret to a man's success isn't books or $100,000 tuition. It is confidence and having a fearless heart. You can fix anything, approach and conquer any situation that crosses your path, eat any amount of steak you want, climb any mountain because you are MAN and YOU are FEARLESS. And don't worry, if you ever do get sidetracked and beginning to have some form of doubt, just listen to "Eye of the Tiger." This little gem was made famous by Rocky Balboa and just a few bars from this heart pounding sounds made from the gods of Men will be more than enough to get you back on track.

-Man 3

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