Monday, July 27, 2009

5:00- Treasure Time-

" Heroes take journeys, confront dragons, and discover the treasure of their true selves."
- Carol Lyn Pearson (writer and poet)

If by hero you mean that I am a Man you are damn right. Everyday we Men get up and travel the long and arduous journey that is the morning commute. On this commute we may laugh as others are grooming themselves (either picking noses or brushing their bu-fonts). Sometimes we even get mean mugged by others (usually a doucher who just cut you off because 11 miles over the speed limit is not fast enough) and are just shocked at how a friendly street at 8 am becomes a lawless wasteland. We take this trip to slay the dragon- the boss and our TPS reports. Its hard going to work ready to fight a dragon only to find it has taken the shape of a man with perfectly parted hair and a brown nose that smells eerily like a used diaper. Men fight this "dragon" known as the boss until 5:00 pm. Once its 5 o'clock there is no law. We have put up with too many demeaning comments, annoying stares by co-workers and just too much of the dragon's breath (whose boss doesn't love to hear themselves speak?) that we are just about ready to explode. And when we do the Lou Ferrigno comes out in each Man. It is happy hour and we are ready. We throw all caution to the wind and grab the biggest tallest glass of frothy delicious that 4 dollars can buy and we chug like our lives depend on it. In reality they do. If you don't tame the Lou Ferrigno in you at 5:00 on the dot you could end up punching the dragon square in his shit covered nose. This is a one way ticket to mom's basement so do yourself a favor and crack a cold one.

So if the above quote was talking about Men swigging beers after a long day at a shitty job with a boss who probably collects Magic Cards and who desperately needs to get laid more than just to procreate then its talking about Men, and Men love drinking a cold beer.

-Man 3

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