Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rubbing is Racing

I drove to work yesterday only to watch a MAN in a Toyota 4Runner speed down the expressway to pass a new Ferrari! You know that you’ve passed a car much faster then yours while that driver was not even trying to remotely race. You don’t care. You felt it tingle in your stomach and you still won.

Face it you wake up in a rush and you hit the ground running. Life is a marathon of sorts so you do have to pace yourself. As a MAN you do get to choose when you pick up the pace and slow down. If you are any self respecting MAN Card holder then you will have that need for speed early and often.

You had to race your big wheel down your driveway as a kid. You raced your scooter next, then a bike and finally the piece de resistance the motorized car. Yes, you had to practice on a lawnmower and go cart but it all changed when you got into a car. You got into a clunker and it was as if you were racing from the Great Nothing in The Neverending Story!

God you are awesome. You now can rev up that Chevrolet Malibu and fight your friends in their Oldsmobile. You get to a stop light late at night, the colors and light on the sidewalk and homes nearby disappear. Vision becomes better as does scent. You smell the oil burning under your hood. Yes you have gone to fight or flight. The light turns green and for a moment you are no longer a bagboy! Go Speed Racer… Go!

-Man 1

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