Monday, August 31, 2009

Another MANnerism

Obedience to lawful authority is the foundation of manly character. -Robert E. Lee

Yes today is Monday and we will keep it quick.

As I find today's motivational quote I try to break it down and explain it as it reflects on a real 'MAN's' life.

Obedience(to lawful authority)
Men, aged 18-37.5, if for nothing else can put up with more crap, garbage and the ranting and ravings then the entire rest of his fellow humans. It's not to say that other people (kids, elderly, and women) do not deal with enough, but a real man needs to constantly be obedient to everyone. As a father for instance, he must be obedient to his children and most importantly to his spouse, the law!

Manly Character
All men learn and develop themselves and have certain characteristics that make them who they are. They have their sports teams, drinking buddies and style they hold themselves in.

Foundation is the mold in which a man is made; Strong, sturdy and resilient.

Add them all together in this quote and I get the simple idea that men are the strongest beings ever. Made of brawn and awesome. Add them with anything else and you break the camels back. You get a man who for no reason hits his head while fixing a car and has to make the right decision and kick a wall!

I am a man and cannot explain this phenomenon. I love it though. Embrace this one. I just hurt myself so I will retaliate against those gremlins that knocked over my motorcycle and put a hole in the drywall! Back to the hardware store... (see prior post)
-Man 1

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