Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thanks Papa 'Big Dick' Nixon!

Why the hell is this blog titled 'thanks Papa 'Big Dick' Nixon?'
Well, in 1978 Richard Nixon made it law that the 3rd Sunday in June would be Father's Day.

Technically this is the 100th anniversary of a holiday started by Sonora Smart Dodd who was raised by a single parent(father) and had local churches start the observance.

So in an effort to slight mothers all over the world you, a manly man(with child) actually have earned a day. It's not often that you are entitled an entire day to do whatever you want. Actually if you have kids and they live at home you likely won't get to sleep in, you will get a below average tasting breakfast and you will lie to yourself that it tastes good since it was made with love! Now I am not being cynical but this strikes a great opportunity for you to suggest a great gift to change the next breakfasts you will eat.

Head over to for
THE BACON OF THE MONTH CLUB ($180-320)- this isn't your 'O-S-C-A-R...' bacon. This is gourmet stuff. The things dreams are made of. Picture your tongue as a cloud and the bacon as a rainbow. If that made no sense then you need to taste this stuff... If you are cheap get a few $8-15 packets sent.

What should be the next course in the life of dad on this great day???

Yep time to hit the showers and get ready for a day of awesomeness. What better way to tell your father you love him or let him learn something from you then to send him a shave kit. has $75 kits available. Trust us here at We've tested shaving the old fashioned way and nothing is better than some real hair brushing with oils and soapy lather then shaving that 5 o'clock off that jowl.

If you are a mother or looking to make a father's day get this little item on make your man smile.

If you missed that last gift - or - you are a kid looking for your father, SORRY. Your parents only do it missionary and only did it 9 months before you were born.
So your father is now looking for a workout this fine Father's Day Sunday. is a great way to fight the fat. If this is too much for his ticker then maybe head to and get him a set.

Now lets get to more food. Dad loves few things in life. Who doesn't like chicken? click on to get the best in the states. Check on their recipes and possibly make the meal for your father.

Let dad go out with his friends to use that new golf club you picked up at

When he comes back he can enjoy the snacks and drinks from his Beer Gift Basket at

Lastly, let dad get the rest he so wants, honestly that is all he wanted all day. It's time for his nightcap. He loves his drinks so go over to and get him whiskey stones.
They chill your drink and don't water down that alcohol...

So what have we learned.
We love dads. We love their stories. We love the way they drive our mother's nuts. We love that they pretend to like crappy gifts. So in my search for a gift for my father I feel I have delivered treasures to you.
I have determined that the average man likes sports, food, drink, sex and being awesome.
You can avoid a crappy gift and make this day special by having a heart to heart with you father and giving him something that he will actually appreciate.
Much Love,
MAN LYs Crew

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