Sunday, August 29, 2010

I have something to share...

Dear My Job,
I quit. Let's get to the point. We haven't been seeing eye to eye lately and I don't want to be cliche but it's not you it's me.
We have argued more then a healthy amount lately and I have figured out where that came from. On my interview (our "First Date") I sort of lied a little, well embeloshed the truth a bit. I really am that good at what I do in life just not that good at pleasing you. So with a heavy heart and head I am ending this earlier rather then later. Delaying the process will costing you more time, aggrevation and money. I mean look around here I see redundency. So I will say what I have to say and you take it or leave it. Look around at your life Job. You have a lot holding you back and wasting your time and expenses it's not helping me much. I could do better elsewhere and I plan on it. I have grown a little here and I am a better man for it. I never once cheated and I didn't even talk to "prospective clients" while we were together. I just am over this and want you to know that everyman gets this way from time to time. So I will proudly say that I am done early and I don't care if you are satisfied because, again, it's me not you.
a man

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