Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wow I almost forgot my MANners

Yes my friends I have forgotten to communicate with you all. We have been putting in the MAN hours to make your life better. We have been studying ROCKY IV and have determined that the best way to train for any event in life you need to go to the woods grow a beard and leave behind everything you know.

Well it worked.

The staff here still has been working on the book; all have started new jobs; one
man is still on the search in the world for Man Ly and his elusiveness; another man is in the process of getting married; and a team is going to ride the New York 5-boro bike tour for tapeworm awareness!

We have established a street team.

We learned more about: shaving, warriors, beef jerky, excercise, travel, watches, flying, movies, building things, training animals and drinking.

We are ready for the season of getting back to work to bring you Man Ly and all of his glory.

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