Friday, June 11, 2010

Let the Manly Games Begin...

So if you have been living under a stone or are a 'Yankees only' kinda fan(you know who you are) then you haven't paid any attention to the world around you. At this very moment Man Ly is off slaying and partying in South Africa.
Yes the world's eyes are set on the game of soccer. You should be locked to ESPN and ABC for the next month.

For those that don't like soccer this is a chance to drink the world's beers; meet an international friend at a bar or on Skype; and join the rest of the world and stop being selfish.
The bottom line is that you should watch it!
You should try to understand why the rest of the men(and women) in the world are fixated on the game. It's known as the beautiful game for a reason.

The pitch is green and has a hint of sweet water eminating off of it, and one player makes a timely slide tackle to steal the ball and pass onward to victory. OK well it may not look like much on paper - but tune in tommorow on ABC; ABC-HD at 1:30pm for an hour of pre-game.



I don't care who you are; where you are; what your lifestyle is...this match is to be one of the best matches in World Cup history and certainly this year's play. In your life you may never get to see a game where one country will get to shame the other off the pitch with the end result. The loser will be buried back 50 years in soccer history if they lose this one.

If you are looking for Manly Guides street team we will be at Madison Square Park eating BBQ at the Big Apple BBQ Festival from 11-230 then at Stout NYC drinking and watching our colors run all over the Brits.

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