Sunday, July 25, 2010

So I am a slacker...

The next few blogs have been written already in my mind and I apologize for the delay.

But today we saw Man Ly's hideout.

Check out guest blogger on Yahoo! 56 treehugger for more details.

Actually that hideour is in Sweden not the US - but that man gets around!

What seeing that treehouse reminds me of is being a kid...When you are a child and you wanted to get away and have privacy what did you do. You started a boys only club and where can you do that? Well at the treehouse. I mean you learn much of your life skills this way.

Think... When did you first hit a hammer and nail into wood?

Maybe building a ramp - but likely when did you really learn to bond with friends and dear old dad in the process. He taught you how to cut wood and assemble a tiny home in the trees or at least in that Oak at the edge of the property. You learned about secret passcodes and keeping girls away from your friendships! Yeah, you forgot that one along the way...

Well I hope that your summer tree house is stocked full of beer and friends.

Enjoy being manly.

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