Monday, May 17, 2010

Love and Respect

So we are not about to break into the anals of love. Yes, I said's funny. But our blog tonight is about the love and respect a MAN has for another man.
"Love and Respect" is what Ozzy Osbourne has for Ronnie James Dio(RIP today).
Those are the words that came out of the mans mouth when asked about the passing of the late singer of Black Sabbath.
Even the darkest of dark has love and respect for his fellow man.
MEN do have a soft spot. It's between the rock and a hard place and the Aortic Valve. It's quite small and if you ask a vascular surgeon they can point it out!
What happens over time is that the hardening of the arteries gets a weak spot every time a good hunting dog dies, or a tobacco barn is raised, or a Victoria's Secret Catalog is thrown out.
As life goes on man does develop these things called emotions.
We will go more in detail in future writings but know this,
We are SAD today and it is due a MAN down.

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