Monday, July 20, 2009

MAN why don't you build something

Blog notes

“How do you know how to lay tile and carpet?” she questioned in a minimally demeaning tone.
I reverted to the old,”I am a MAN…” then I explained that, “when a boy is between 13-17 years of age his father sits him down with the Manly Guide and he then learns about all things about being a man.”(More on that later)

Well even if a MAN does not know how to construct and build everything from semiconductors to engines, he should be able to look into his past and gather enough knowledge from building those frustrating model airplanes with his old man to build items from gas grills to bookshelves. Yes, the years spent playing with Lego’s and Knex really have paid off! A real man can practically fix anything – given that it isn’t completely destroyed in the first place. You can take some broken golf club head and an old fiberglass fishing rod, add a little duct tape smash in some epoxy and blammo: Taylor’s homemade fairway driver!

Yes everyone can be a man with some brawn and ingenuity.

I had to cut a rug with no chalk line or marking device – or did I? Yes take off the wood trim and dust baking soda along one edge of the wood. You have just made a straight line and shown off your manly side!)

-Man 1

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