Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wild Wild West

"You've been warned twice already about this problem and it is about time you get it taken care of...", she blurted as I was stopped dead by THE LAW.

Yes, as a man you must know about the trials and tribulations of cowboys and bandits of the western movie genre. Going to the local tavern to get food, drink, gamble and maybe a little lovin'; Simpler times with simpler rules.

He who has the fastest gun makes it out alive.

Well long gone are the times when a dispute or argument are resolved with a sweet exaggerated bar fight or a high noon shootout... or are they?
A man driving his car to work in his carpool is like the leader of a gang getting ready to ride into the middle of town cause a raucous and then ride off into the sunset. The middle of town is his sweet office space and the rows between cubicles. The raucous and shooting is more like chatter and shooting staples into all sorts of business letters that get in your way!
Modern man has created a wilderness of work to be taken by the horns and dragged to justice.
THE LAW is still the law, this much has not changed. Your boss is much like the sheriff of a small town. What happens in his town is his business and anytime you step out of line BAM! right in the slammer to make you remember who runs things.

This is the exact same thing that happened to me. I was with my posse getting ready to ride into town when all of the sudden the law flashed his evil red lights and stopped us dead in our tracks. Less then a mile into my long commute I was slapped around due to having blinders on my trustee stead. Tint! The sheriff’s most evil nemesis of the mean streets.
I was taken in, washed up, lost in the west...

My Red Dragon was declawed today. Tint gone :(
Have no fear my posse will be back tomorrow morning to try avoiding the law again.

-Man 1

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