Friday, July 17, 2009

Welcome men(and woh-men)

"I just want to take a scissor and cut that nose hair", she blurted!
"Yes I need to manscape a bit when I get home! "
What a sweet reply I thought to myself.

See the section What you do? in the Man Guides - Book.

We are men! We grow hair! We are proud...
well maybe not necessarily where that hair grows in all cases! But, Lord knows that there are tons of products and surgeries that can make you less hairy of a man.
Our hair protects us and when it thins and disappears it upsets us.

When we are babies we have none...
we grow up and get some in areas we didn't before...
as we get older it leaves our head and winds up on our back...
we are attacked in old age by scraggly nose and ear hair(thanks gramps!)

Ahh to be a man you must know this sweet progression of man hair. Welcome to the club everyone. Remember, I am also a client!
-Man 1

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