Saturday, November 7, 2009

A story to be told

This story hasn't ended but the first few chapters have definitely closed. If we told you it you likely wouldn't believe goes anyway.

As I write this I wonder how I even slept for some 11 hours. It's been ages since I have seen such glorious sleep. I will call it part of a spirit walk.
I started my new job no more then two months ago. I should not take days off yet as I am the new guy still. Well I suppose that I could, but that would be a business no-no. So I have been just a bit more busy, stressed and tired since then. So I finally earned a day off. It was not by choice but the timing could not have been better. Yeah! My office building caught fire! What are the odds that a Boiler would fail and black electro-chemical smoke would fill my office? What are the odds it would get me away for time during the World Series celebration involving a team I love?

I love the Yankees. Have since I was a kid. I don't think I even had a chance to pick a different team in this case. Sometimes you are born into things: religion, caste, class, name, being a fan of a sports team! You just accept the fact that you learn to wear pin-stripes like a real man.
This brings you when you grow up to the conundrum of going to a game at a certain co$t.

Every time there is a World Series(Super Bowl, World Cup,...) in your area you think about going.
This year the price was about $350-$35,000. If you are smart you would get in at the last minute or day of and find some poor scalper who has only made 10-15k and willing to give you a break at $225. Then you have the 'friend of a friend' and 'a good buddy' who hitched a ride from Derek Jeter's driver 3 months ago and promised tickets if the Yankees played the Phillies(true story)!
Well we didn't quite get the tickets for our enterprise is not yet sponsored, it's not in the budget and I haven't hitched a ride lately.
What I can tell you is that the Parade was a blast!

To be Continued by Man 2 - whose story starts a little sooner.


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  2. It was a manly thing to do, and for the price of a round trip ticket on the train to see the Yankee Parade, and be the distance of half the length between home plate and 1st base, and see the MVP Derek Jeter,how cool is that! And get a days pay for it. Life's most great treasures! Nazdorovyah!